Plan. Now get to it, I'm starving.

That they were a bit too big, but he drew the string that had been laced through the waist and tied them as tightly as he could. A pair of leather boots was also in the bag and thankfully, they fit well. Lastly, there was a brown shirt made of some rough fabric. It chafed buy instagram likes Evercloud's skin as he put it on. He was not used to wearing shirts, especially in the heat. Thankfully, the shirt was armless. Evercloud looked at his reflection in the stream and did not seem as fearsome as he had felt after cutting his hair off. He wanted to look like a warrior, yet buy instagram likes he looked rather common. I suppose that's the point, he thought to himself. Evercloud returned to Whiteclaw and Riverpaw to find Whiteclaw drawing with his claw in the sand. Riverpaw was watching intently. When Whiteclaw saw Evercloud, he motioned for him to come over and sit next to him. I was going over the plan with Riverpaw while you were away. This is what we will need you to do. Evercloud sat down and pulled at his shirt as Whiteclaw detailed buy instagram likes the plan. Your main objective will be to enter the village and learn whatever you can from the villagers about any rumors of the Ancients. It is important for you to learn as much as you can without raising suions. Be careful of how you enter into conversations with people. Most humans worship the Holy and will not take kindly to talk of the Ancients. I have heard that in some villages it is prohibited by the law to do so. That is where Riverpaw and myself google will come in. When you enter the village, first go to the authorities and tell them that you are from Yorebrook and that you were aulted by bandits just outside of the village. That should send them out of the village where Riverpaw and I will be waiting for them. This should free you to ask questions without being reported. After you have spoken to the authorities, I would suggest visiting a tavern. Humans have been known to be friendlier when imbibing ales. Also, make sure, before you leave the village, to visit a medic and purchase a salve for open wounds. My head wound should be treated and we may find the salve handy in the future. Here is some of the currency used by humans. Whiteclaw then looked sternly at Evercloud. Only use it on purchasing the salve. Evercloud nodded and Whiteclaw continued. Once the sun is roughly two hours from setting, leave the village and follow the stream south. Riverpaw and myself will catch up to you there. Have you got all that? Yes, Uncle. Good, now go ahead. You'll need as much time as possible. Evercloud stood and began to walk toward the village. Oh, and Evercloud, Whiteclaw called after him. Make sure to use a human name. Don't use your real name. Yes, Uncle, Evercloud called out. Well, he thought, this is it. Evercloud tried to keep his head down as he walked into the village. It was just about midday and the streets of Hendrick were full of people tending to their daily business. Evercloud had never seen so many humans before. He felt alien. Everything was so foreign about these people who instagram looked just like he did. The instagram way they dressed and the way that they walked and even their smell seemed so exotic. He was unable to keep his head down for very long and before he knew what he was doing, he began gawking